This wiki has been created to show off your talents to the world. The first activity we will complete is to make a glog. A glog is an on-line poster that can include images, videos and sounds. On Glogster, you can create your own visual blogs - Glogs...

You can create a slick poster in less than ten minutes, even without any design knowledge. Just click create your first Glog and start creating. Then add your own images, videos and sounds. You can use the backgrounds provided on the Glogster website or you can add your own as I have done in the image on the left. Check out all of the pages on this wiki as the glogs range from simple designs to more complex and media rich posters.

The glogs that you create will be based around our film studies. There are plenty of examples of film images to look at on the Glogster site, so have a look before you start. For your first image I would like you to represent a character from the film with images and text. Obviously, elements such as layout, colour and font will be crucial in your development of a successful image. Apply the ideas you gathered from producing a static image in Year 11 to complete this activity successfully. I have added an exemplar (Beauty) to give you some ideas. Have fun!

Glog update - thank you for your wonderful images. You have put in so much effort. Check out Ricky Video, it took Ashley five hours just to make the video!

Remember to keep an eye on what is happening on our blogs: